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        Starting a career in public accounting can be slightly intimidating because there are so many different choices to make. Should you start in?tax or audit? Should you try to land a job at?one of the big 4 accounting firms? Should you get a master’s degree or simply complete your 150 credit hours in order to qualify for the CPA exam? College students are bombarded with these questions and more. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Try to figure out where you want to go with your career and then plan your education around those goals.

        For instance, if you want to work for the big four right out of college, you’ll probably need to go to?a top accounting school?or get an internship. Keep in mind, that there are tons of other CPA firms out there besides the big four. Many people simply get tunnel vision and only go after a big 4 firm.

        Top 50 Best Accounting Firms

        There are lots of large regional firms that are actually rated higher in staff satisfaction, work-life balance, and compensation than the big guys. Take Plante Moran for example. Fortune Magazine rated Plante the 29th best company to work for in the United States. That’s not the 29th best accounting firm, it’s the 29th best company. Period. Compare that to Deloitte’s 97th best company ranking. Many people don’t know that some of these smaller firms even exist. That’s why I decided to made this list.

        Here are the top 50 largest public accounting firms in the world sorted by 2015 total revenues. All of them are great places to work and start a career. Some of these CPA firms are regional while others are national and international. Take a look at some of the firms you are unfamiliar with. Who knows? They might be a good fit for you and a good place to start your career.